Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Friday reflections

During Lent I usually give up sex and alcohol because the idea behind Lent is it is supposed to be a true sacrifice and if you have been reading my blog you might have noticed alcohol is my friend. I always managed to keep that promise, not so much with sex. In fact it became my husband's goal to play the role of the devil and tempt me every night. I fell off the sex wagon a few times; God knew because I usually called out his name a few times.

This year I gave up not blogging on my blog every day. We Catholics are creative when it comes to loopholes like what to give up for Lent or having sex with altar boys*.

I didn't post yesterday after just one week and I could use the excuse of being ill. Holy shit, Jesus managed to ignore Satan and I couldn't handle a simple blog post while feeling barfy yet I still managed to do my internet stalking, surfing...internet surfing.

I learned a few things while I was checking my usual sites.

First: My blog is lame. I need to stop writing posts at night. My writer's OCD turns on and when I check my posts the next day I kick my own ass because it could have been written so much better.

Second: You think your posts are clever after you have been drinking, much like life.

Third: My dogs' breath smells like dog food.


Fourth: If you are mildly enjoying my blog please follow by clicking the button on the upper right.

Fifth: Tell your friends.

*If anyone is offended by my making light of that subject, I went to school at Sacred Heart in Turlock, CA and knew this It was a joke please move on...

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