Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The rain in Spain

My oldest child, affectionately called child "A", posted on his Facebook the following meme:

Your mom held you in her stomach for nine months, she watched her feet swell, she struggled to climb stairs, she got breathless quick, she suffered many sleepless nights, she became your nurse, your chef, your teacher, your friend. She struggled for you, Most of us take our mom for granted when there's people who have lost or have never even got to have seen there's. Post this if you love your mom ♥

I was shocked that he felt that way; the therapy must be paying off.

Then the nagging grammatical OCD kicked in and I shook my head that this meme had made its way around the internet.

I couldn't get past the grammatical error in that meme (ok, errors but one that really gets my knickers twisted). It was driving me crazy. How can this be going around the internet and no one notice it sounds like a third grader wrote it? What does this say about what our kids are learning in school?

Does that mean I don't understand the sentimentality of the meme because I am twitchy over the misuse of their/there/they're, no, I am just smart and other people are just stupid. Whenever I correct a grammatical error my children make I am some kind of kill joy accompanied by a well-executed eye roll (they get that from me and I am very proud). Heaven forbid my children know how to use the correct their/there/they're or your/you're or it's/its so that when they have to write a letter (a what?) or some other type of formal writing the person receiving it doesn't read it wondering if they passed (not past) sixth grade.

I hold myself to the same standard. Today I tweeted using a plural form of Bloody Mary. When I tweeted I had already consumed a few of the drinks and typed it as Bloody Mary's. Even though I was feeling pretty good, the grammar OCD was in full effect and I couldn't help looking up whether it was correct to use the apostrophe. I discovered it is Bloody Marys per Merriam-Webster.

After this blog I suppose I won't be getting more of the 'I appreciate my mom' memes but I think this is the kind of thing that, although they don't know it yet, they will appreciate when they get out into that big grown up world. Also, that drinking is no excuse for poor grammar!

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  1. My father was a grammar nazi growing up. I have to bite my tongue (really hard) to keep myself from correcting people when they misuse grammar. My dad also enforced an 'R' rule. I was asked at a cocktail party recently how a girl born and raised in Boston could have a southern accent. It's not necessarily southern, but I DO pronounce my r's.

    Keep correcting the kids. They'll appreciate it one day (I used to roll my eyes, too)!

    1. If it were southern you would drop your Gs.