Sunday, February 19, 2012

A tale of two teens

Just a peek into the wonder that is my life from something that happened earlier this year as I start up my blog:

I received two texts this week from my 16 and 12 year old about the same problem. Let me explain.

Their meal accounts at school have restrictions because they would buy slushies and other junk food burning through their lunch money so I, being the terrible mom I am, limit them to buying only the school lunch. What I didn't know was it also had a dollar amount tied to it so when the prices went up this year it caused our two older ones to have an issue when buying their lunch today.

Text from 16 yr old: Wow so you still kept my account locked and now I can't buy lunch because its MORE THIS YEAR

Text from 12 yr old: So you guys put a spending limit on my account and that spending limit is $2.50 and I am always going to be short a quarter unless you change it. I just got lunch and they told me that.

Ok, they both started with assuming I had put the dollar amount limit but I will overlook that because they are kids and are known to have brain damage when it comes to assuming. According to the text from the 12 year old they could buy lunch so my 16 year old was wrong and he over exaggerated, shocker, and was rude, shocker again. He didn't explain the problem just came out guns blazing. Everything is a battle. A winner and a loser. Case in point, I tried to have a talk with him last night about some stuff that happened yesterday. He had lied, then he gave me attitude because he didn't like where I parked to pick him up because it was by the "stoners" i.e. the smokers which is also right across the street from the school so I thought 'Hey I am being nice by picking the closest spot to the school to get him.' Don't get me started on all these little things.

I thanked my daughter for being so polite and explaining, even though I was aware and I did go and change the limits. As for the boy I can only say HE MAY NOT LIVE TO 17.

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