Thursday, February 23, 2012

Invader Zinc or is it some other vitamin

In my years of being a mom I have learned one thing, kids are a germ magnets. Thankfully I have my Vitamin C and enough alcohol in my bloodstream to not catch what they are constantly getting from each other. That last part about alcohol was a joke...maybe. Unless pills have alcohol then, yes, it is totally true!

One of my children has been staying home from school (I have sent the other two that are a different kind of sick to school because that is what good moms do; you're welcome other parents whose kids get sick) for the last three days lying on the couch in between trips to the bathroom to get sick. Let me back up though because this post was really brought on by the comment my husband made when I told him our son was staying home.

Me: "Child C" is home again today. He is still sick to his stomach.
Husband: Have you seen him get sick?
Me: (Yes, I gave him the"Are you kidding me look?") No. He makes it to the bathroom on his own and doesn't ask for help. I wasn't aware I should be following him.

Now maybe I am missing something. To me, I feel like being a mom is supposed to get easier in this way. It makes up for the other shit you have to deal with as they get older. No more diapers. No more throwing up all over the sheets or on me. They can get their own food. They can throw up all by themselves in a non-bulimic way of course.

The lesson here is I need to watch my kids throw up or not to tell my husband when the kids stay home from school.

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