Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm a big girl now

A mysterious man was kind enough to give me some advice. Feeling isolated with my writing he pointed me in the direction of how to find writer's groups.

Why was I isolated? That is another post but to be brief not one of my friends know I write or aspire to be a writer.

I turned to twitter. Anonymously I have found my niche. Not wanting to be seen as just another sycophant of authors or their assistants I kept my relationships as that of a fan. Reading blogs, tweets and learning on my own. Breaking that golden 'don't ask' rule a few times, not as many as I would have liked, but hoping that when I did it was a give and take. Not just one looking to use the other. At least, that was always my intention.

Tonight someone at the group said to be a writer you need to write a million words...then you can start writing (I am paraphrasing what he paraphrased).

I found a community, people who are passionate about this dream of being a writer. No, not a dream but a passion. It is a part of who I am and what I feel. Tonight it was time for me to show them a piece of my soul.

I have posted the opening of the book I have planned (since then there have been many edits like in all writing). I knew there were things that needed to be fixed and ideas that could be shared. Perhaps some good parts at the very core of it all.

The last time I had shared any writing was in high school, my creative writing class. I write about 'dark things'. We had to read them aloud so I would be called to the podium and there would be snickers from the students and the occasional jibe of "Oh no, it's her turn." It was hard for an insecure 15 year old girl.

The week leading up to tonight was torture. Today was...excruciating. I was facing the ghosts of my past and looking ahead to my future. Insecurities abound.

I have just finished reading the written comments that were handed back to me now that I am home. We spent an hour verbally going over my first chapter in the group tonight.

My deepest and most sincere thanks to a group of men and women that share the respect and passion I do and to the mystery man who led me to them.

Oh! What did I learn you ask?

*My voice needs work. I have issues in the beginning with passive voice.
*Grammar, which led to the second biggest problem in my opinion after hearing them talk. The prologue confused half the group. In my effort to set up the plot twist I managed to confuse people. Tighten up the beginning. If I wouldn't have left out certain things that were not giveaways it wouldn't have confused people. That was grammar i.e. dangling modifiers stuff like that.
*Remind myself that descriptions only belong in the story if they are revealing character or plot.
*That I have done a great job at showing, not telling
*They liked my tree, for that you will just have to read the book!

I had to list some of the positive things!


  1. Thank you for posting how your writer's group went. I was wondering about it last night. I am sooo glad that you have met people to support you in both the constructive criticism AND the positive things! Good job posting some positive feedback too!! Write on!

  2. I have a problem remembering point 3 as well. I think all authors do. But if you're succeeding at number 4, you're already ahead of the game.
    I hope this group helps pull you out of the solitary writer trenches. Getting over all your high school doubts is probably one of the biggest hurdles for writers. Or maybe I'm just talking about myself....