Sunday, February 26, 2012

No wire hangers, ever!

I had surgery two weeks ago and no, I'm not going to tell you about that right now.

What I did want to talk about is when I finally get my maid, Hilda, she will not be doing our laundry. The reason Hilda won't be doing our laundry is because my husband, isn't it always my husband, did the laundry to 'help me out' after my surgery.

Helping out is such a subjective term. For instance, helping out for him meant doing the laundry on the wrong settings. It also meant using so much fabric softener people will be able to smell our April Freshness a block away. His helper attitude was also responsible for clothes being distributed to the wrong children and even myself.

I figure I will save myself from having to beat Hilda for doing all these things incorrectly because I wouldn't fire her, immigrants from Portugal that work on a cash only basis are probably hard to find.

If you are enjoying my blog follow it, you won't be sorry.

That awkward morning after feeling goes away when I stop texting you 30 times. Y U NO TXT ME BACK!!!!!

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