Saturday, February 25, 2012

Keep the drinks coming

I'll take a Bloody Mary please.

While we were out at dinner tonight my husband and children B, C and D all were having a lively discussion about cartoons. Some web series called Charlie the Unicorn from what I could gather in between asking for refills.

Yes, I would like another drink.

Some may think it is great that he can relate to them but you don't have to be seen in public with him. It is like wrangling an extra kid. Tonight at the dinner table they were loud and quoting of lines from the show--over and over.

Another drink please.

As soon as I could get child C and D to focus on eating my husband would get them laughing again.

You bet I want another!

I think it was after his fourth Jack and Coke that the other customers looked ready to complain. I'm sure a fine establishment like Chili's doesn't allow for such behavior.

If you are enjoying my blog follow it, you won't be sorry.

That awkward morning after feeling goes away when I stop texting you 30 times. Y U NO TXT ME BACK!!!!!

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  1. I'm often heard saying, "Have you met my sixth child?" while pointing at my husband.