Friday, February 24, 2012

No meat today, ok

Some of you might already be aware that it is Lent. This isn't going to be some post that will proselytize (I had to show off my college education. Isn't is a great word? I love that word, say it, go on, it's fun.) or discuss religion more that to say this -- we vegetarians/vegans are better than everyone else and Lent proves it.

There I said it and you only need to watch Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to see that I am right because we all know everything in the movies is true.

I give you Todd Ingram:

He has super powers because he is vegan and can support why he has them with scientific facts.

Why is this relevant, I'm glad you asked! Lent forces all the non-super powered*, meat eaters to make an additional sacrifice and not eat their normal food on Fridays (and other feast days) while we superior vegetarians/vegans can ease through this time of reflection and sacrifice with ease you weak flesh eaters!

*we only make our eyes glow under special circumstances like when we are in combat to the death or have really bad PMS.

If you are enjoying my blog follow it, you won't be sorry.

That awkward morning after feeling goes away when I stop texting you 30 times. Y U NO TXT ME BACK!!!!!

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